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Air Conditioning Sales for Split & Ducted systems. Service, Maintenance & Repairs for residential and commercial systems for all brands.

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance

Air conditioning Service & Maintenance with maintenance programs arranged to suit all environments & air conditioning systems.

Regular services at least every 6 to 12 months are recommended for your air conditioning system as it can ensure long term efficient running and prevent expensive problems in the future. Without regular services the operating efficiency can reduce by 50% and also cause health hazards.

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Air conditioning decommissioning (uninstall & reinstall) to all brands

  • Reverse Cycle Split Systems
  • Single Systems (for a single room)
  • Multi Systems (can air conditioning from 2 – 9 rooms.  They’re great for areas where there is limited space for outdoor units or no ceiling area for ductwork).
  • Cassette Systems (these are great for residential and small commercial business that have limited roof space).
  • Reverse Cycle Ducted Systems (Ducted systems can operate on a zone system and can cool or heat the whole house or part of).

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